Summer Camp is More Than Just a Fun Time at DEFY...

We here at DEFY are incredibly happy to have an education specialist planning our camps! As a former teacher herself, our event coordinator caters our camp agendas to provide more to your children than just a fun time at DEFY! Let's talk briefly about some of the plans she has laid out for our upcoming Summer Camp!

Health and Fitness Lessons

Of course, there is a lot of physical activity that will be taking place during Summer Camp (DEFY is a trampoline park, after all), but during times of respite our camp leader will discuss the importance of both physical activity and a healthy diet. Our goal is to encourage kids to stay healthy and active, even when they aren't visiting our park!

STEM Activities

You can expect your children to participate in engaging STEM activities while attending Summer Camp! What exactly is STEM learning? STEM learning is a curriculum focused on four specific areas of study: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Using this as a framework, many of our activities are geared towards helping kids thing critically about a situation and then develop a solution. For example, during our previous camp one of the activities saw kids working in small groups to devise a contraption that would prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from a large height. The kids then were able to put their designs to the test when the camp leader dropped eggs from the top of a ladder! We will be offering many new activities along these lines in Summer Camp!

Arts and Crafts

Of course, not everything throughout the day needs to be about critical thinking; creativity is just as important! We will have plenty of opportunities for your kids to be creative and express themselves in-between all the jumping and learning.

Water Activities

It wouldn't be Summer Camp without some fun water activities!! Weather permitting, we will have some games, crafts, and challenges that all include water for the kids to participate in! We will notify all the parents on which days these will take place so the kids can dress appropriately.

Smaller Groups

In order to give each of the kids more one-on-one attention we have shrunk our group sizes from Spring Camp. We want to make sure that your kid receives the proper attention they deserve from our camp leaders; although this lowers the amount of children we can have in Summer Camp at any given time, you can rest assured your child's needs will be well taken care of and attended to!

With just this brief overview of Summer Camp, we hope you can see that we take these camps very seriously. We want to provide not only a safe, fun and welcoming environment, but also an environment that celebrates creativity and learning! We hope to see your kiddos at Summer Camp this June and July!

If you're looking for more information about Summer Camp, you can read our previous post HERE.


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