A Moment to Talk about PROM Safety...

DEFY's Masquerade Prom is approaching fast! With only three days remaining before the big event, we wanted to discuss how we plan to keep our guests safe during this event! With Prom taking place late at night, and considering the young age of the those attending the event, safety is a paramount issue for us. We'd like to share a few ways we will be keeping our guests safe so they can enjoy a wonderous night out!

First things first, we will have ample staff attending the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. The management, event, and marketing teams will all be in attendance to assist in any way necessary throughout the entirety of the event.

ID's will be checked at the front door and compared to the guest list. If your name is not on the guest list, you will not be permitted to enter the premises, so make sure you get your tickets ahead of time if you're planning on attending! You can do so here.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be permitted on the premises at any time during the event.

Our adult staff will also be available at any point to escort guests to their cars at the conclusion of the event. If any guests would like to be escorted to their vehicle, please feel free to approach our staff with this request and we will take care of it.

After the park closes at 7pm, the entirety of the park will be extensively cleaned and sanitized in preparation for the event. We will have a large amount of staff present to assist in the deep cleaning and setup of the event.

Lastly, all guests will be required to maintain all COVID guidelines laid out by the state of Nevada and Washoe County. This means face coverings will be required for all guests and staff members.

As with everything we do here at DEFY, the safety of our guests is of supreme importance to us. If you have any further questions or concerns please address them to parties@defysparks.com.

If you have not purchased your tickets yet, and are planning on attending be sure to do so before it's too late!! Ticket sales will close on April 24, at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at the park, or using this link here.

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