DEFY Sparks has a wide-variety of attractions for every age and every skill level. Check out our varied options below!


Looking for a place to have some fun or simply let off some steam?  Our open jump area is a great place to get started!  This large area is great for families to bounce together as well as great for beginners to practice their tricks before heading over to the Super Tramps!


It's time to put your balance to the test!  If you can make it all the way across the log roll you will win an awesome prize... the respect of all your peers.  Or not, it's just a log roll after-all!


Assert your dominance over your family and friends on our Battle Beams!  Defend your turf as King/Queen of the hill as you are attacked from every side!


Ever wonder what it feels like to free-fall?  Well our stunt fall will give you a taste of what that would be like, minus the fatal splat at the end.


It's time to step up your game!  The Super Tramps are the ultimate test of your trampoline skills - jump, flip, and twist away as you catch some major air on these olympic-grade trampolines!


Ready to join the circus?  Soar through the air and hone your acrobatic skills and you will be ready to perform under the big top on no time!


It's time for lift-off!  How high/far can you propel yourself into the foam pits at the Launch Pad?  Test your limits as you launch from either a trampoline or an air track!


Zip through the skies here on the Zipline!  The blurred faces of your friends and family watching from the sidelines will be priceless as you whip past them and drop into the foam pit!


Can you make your way through the entirety of the Ninja Course?  It's no easy task, as the obstacles range from very easy to very difficult - there's something for every skill level in this course!


It's time to channel your inner Ninja Warrior!  Running up this wall is no easy task - but you can always practice on the smaller wall as you prepare to dazzle your friends by running up the full-sized ramp!


Round up your crew and get ready for the fight of your lives!  Trampolines + Dodge-balls is the perfect recipe for an epic battle with your family and friends!


Looking for another test of balance?  Don't let the simplicity of the Slackline fool you, it'll chew you up and spit you out if you aren't prepared!  Practice enough though, and you can conquer this deceptively difficult attraction


Elegance and strength combine together to shape the art form of Silks.  Or if you are anything like us it's where clumsiness and exasperation meet!  Either way, the Silks are can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor.


Tumble your troubles away on the Air Track!  While not as springy as a trampoline, the Air Track is much bouncier than the floor - and much more forgiving when you whiff on the new trick you've been practicing!


Our foam pits are the cleanest in town!  Regular additions of new foam, accompanied with a daily cleaning/sanitizing routine will not only keep you safe from injuries, but from germs too!

Do you have an idea for an attraction at our park?  Share your thoughts with us below!

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